My First Post – The Beginning

IMG-20171026-WA0007.jpegHi my name is Darren; I have always been someone that is a lover of technology. From a young kid I remember owning an Atari and playing ‘Dungeon Master’ with my older brother, as well as playing point and click adventure games on a 133Mhz pc (with 1mb of RAM). I spent my youth playing with these wonders of generation, to go on adventures that went far beyond the comprehension of my day to day life.

Some of my fondest memories involve old technology and it has proudly shaped my life, and made me the technology driven person I am today.

For me RetroGenie is an opportunity to express the love to those memories, gain some editorial skills and also provide an excuse to complete research of areas i was never able to experience.

With RetroGenie,com you will find personalized content relating to these subject, where i hope we can all share memories that make us warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you for reading my first post, I hope that you will continue to visit the site and enjoy the trip down memory lane.